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Principal's Message

Hello recent graduates and members of New Kent High

School’s class of 2017.  I hope you are all enjoying Beach Week, Summer Jobs, packing for college or even just sleeping in over the last few days.

Some of you may have noticed at our graduation ceremony, there was a bit of a mix-up with my notes and I really did not get to address you one final time as a class.  While that made for a faster ceremony, I have been feeling bad that I did not get the opportunity to share with you and your families and guests, my thoughts on what a special group you have been for the last four years.  So, you will find below the script that I had hoped to share with you all that night.  I hope that although it is a bit late, it may carry a tiny bit of importance to you at some point.  Best wishes to you all.


It is at this point in most graduation speeches where profound words of wisdom are usually passed along.  In deciding what to share with this group of very special young people, I was inspired by one of them at graduation practice on

Thursday.  As we practiced the very difficult tasks of lining up alphabetically and walking 2 by 2 down the aisle, I noticed a t-shirt being worn by one of the students.  Sherese Bonner wore a shirt that on the back had a quote by Henry Ford.  It said, “To do more for the world than the world does for you—that is success.”  Wow, that is not what you would typically expect to see on a teenagers shirt.  But this is not a typical group.  This is a very special group that we are preparing to graduate today.  They have embraced and embodied what we call New Kent Strong.  They have supported, encouraged, and stood up for

one another throughout their entire school careers. Whether beginning their careers at George Watkins or New Kent Elementary Schools or arriving in our community later, they have all become New Kent Trojans.  As Hunter Fox stated in a scholarship application I was fortunate enough to read, “In elementary school, there were six pillars in total, each with its own vibrant color on the wall.  Trustworthiness, caring, citizenship, fairness, respect, and responsibility were the characteristics shown on the pillars.  Now we may not have pillars in high school but these six attributes and more, can be summed up into 3 simple words

with an even larger impact;  New Kent Strong.  This is a phase that is meaningful to the community of New Kent as a whole.  This heartfelt motto is a constant reassurance to our community that regardless of what is happening in their lives, good or bad, someone will always be there to support them.  New Kent strong means being motivated, selfless, reliable, hardworking, and a leader.  It is helping others out of the kindness of your heart and putting forth the utmost effort to become the truest version of yourself.  It is wanting to see your peers and community accomplish great things and give them whatever they need along the way to



So thank you to Sherise and Hunter who unknowingly provided the inspiring words for today.  And thank you to all of our soon to be graduates who have daily demonstrated what New Kent Strong means to all of us.


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