New Kent High School Attendance

Attendance will be taken by your teacher during each class session: block 1, block 2, block 3, and block 4.

All absences and tardies will be determined as either EXCUSED or UNEXCUSED depending on the reason provided by the parent/guardian.

A reason for an absence should be reported within 2 school days of the student’s return via:

(804) 966-9671 option 2.  Please leave a message.
Email: [email protected]
Notes: Absence notes, bus pass requests, or early dismissal requests can be dropped off in the RED mailbox outside the main office door.

Each student is allowed
5 PCs (parent contact received) per semester.

Once the student has reached the 5 PC limit, a legal document will be required for any future absences to be considered excused.

Legal documents must be received
within 5 school days after the student returns.
Early Dismissal requests: a note or email must be provided prior to the student being allowed to leave the classroom. The student must sign out at the attendance window before leaving the building. 

If we do not receive written permission, the parent/guardian will be
required to report to school to sign the student out.  
Phone calls will not be accepted for early dismissal.

Check In/Check Out procedures:
The Attendance Office Window is located to the right in the vestibule as
you enter the front of the building. There will be sign in and sign out
sheets available.

Tardies: any student arriving late to school must sign in at the Attendance Window before reporting to their class. 

The parent/guardian may provide a reason for the unexcused tardy (UTs)
email or voicemail message, so long as it is provided on the SAME school day of the tardy.

Students who accumulate excessive unexcused tardies (UTs) or unexcused absences (UABs) will be documented and reported to New Kent High School building Administrators.
A driver’s license is required for all visitors.


Attendance Codes:  BLANK=Present | CD=Clinic Dismissal | UT=Unexcused Tardy | UAB=Unexcused Absence | HB=Homebound (Health) | ISS=In School Suspension | OSS=Out of School Suspension | RSS=Remote Suspension | PC=Parent Note/Call | LD=Legal Document | SD=Shortened Day | ACT=School Approved Activity | ED=Early Dismissal | UNV=Unverified Absence | QAB= Quarantine Absence | PPA=Present Principal Approved |