Trojan Alumni Spotlight

Trojan Alumni Spotlight
Posted on 12/05/2022
Flyer gives details of Trojan Alumni SpotlightNKHS is starting the Trojan Alumni Spotlight and looking for alumni who are willing to help kick off the Trojan TV morning announcements. We are looking for videos that showcase your career. 

Recording Tips:
  • Length: 45 seconds-1 minute
  • Steady recording
  • Decent lighting 
  • Mindful of noise
  • Simple, clutter-free background
  • Wear professional clothing--consider company shirts
Content to Consider (First 4 + 2 More): 
  • State your name.
  • Share your graduation year.
  • Tell about your career title.
  • Be sure to add line at the end, "Please Stand for the Pledge." 
  • What do you like about your job?
  • What two skills do you use the most?
  • What training was required for your career?
  • Where did you go for training?
  • Share simple advice.
Send phone recording to Mrs. Spiak: [email protected] 

CLICK HERE for a video example. 

flyer for Trojan Alumni Spotlight