Alumni Transcript Order

The transcript is an official legal document.  Therefore, to be considered official it must be mailed directly or picked up in person.  When requesting a transcript, please remember the following.

* Complete a Transcript Request Form or call 966-9675 to request a transcript from Mrs. Minor
* Allow 48 hours for processing (same day requests are not typically possible)
* There is a $3.00 fee for all alumni that have been graduates for over a year.
* Come by the office between 7:20 AM and 3:00 PM to pick up transcript once you have been notified it is ready.

Have transcript mailed:
* Mail a $3 check made out to NKHS to :
New Kent High School
Attn: Bonnie Minor
7365 Egypt Road
New Kent, VA 23124
Include the following info:
* Name when you attended
* Year of graduation or last attended
* Your date of birth
* Info to send transcript (addresses)
* Telephone contact number in case of problems

The transcript must remain sealed in the envelope you receive it in to be official. Your transcript can be picked up by someone else if you have called and requested the transcript and alerted the office someone else will be collecting the document. They must present written permission from you to do this.


We use Parchment, a free electronic transcript request fulfillment service.  All seniors will be coached on setting up an account and how to request using Parchment.  You can register on even without a registration code, but you will need to add New Kent High School when registering.

Please note that no teacher recommendations will be sent by school counselors. It will be the student's responsibility to request, collect and send those to colleges.  However, most colleges and universities use their own electronic submission process for recommendations.

Additionally, due to the number of requests we receive, it may take up to three business days to process transcript requests.