Information for Juniors
* Get Involved! Join clubs or athletic teams here at the school. Volunteer in the community. Take advantage of the opportunities provided to you; they look great on any type of application you fill out.
* Keep track of all you do in high school and continue to update your resume. The resume is a great tool you can use when seeking letters of recommendation. Teachers often ask for a resume or list of your high school involvement to aid in writing the letter.
* Start self exploration by going to:vawizard.org and vacareerview.org  These websites include assessments that allow you to investigate your interests.

College Bound Students
(This includes trade and technical schools – requirements are similar to those of 2 and 4 year colleges.)
Stay focused! Your junior year grades will be the final set of grades that will be listed on your transcript when it is sent to each school you apply to in the fall of your senior year.

Register to Take the PSAT
* Juniors who take the PSAT may qualify for merit based scholarships based on testing results.

Register for SAT/ACT Tests
* It is recommended that juniors take the SAT/ACT one to two times during his/her junior year.
* NKHS is a SAT testing site in October, November, March, and June.

Investigate college(s) of your choice
* This includes 2 and 4 year colleges and universities, trade schools, apprenticeship programs, and technical schools.
* Attend open houses.
* Spring Break is a great time to visit schools.
* Become familiar with entrance requirements.  Maintaining the rigor in classes, while excelling, is still a huge factor for most colleges and universities in determining admissions.

Athletes - Planning to play college sports?
* Review NCAA requirements. 
* Any junior desiring to play college athletics must register at the NCAA Eligibility Center.  This does require a fee. 
* Be sure to have all official SAT or ACT scores sent to NCAA.  Your counselor can upload your transcript, but the counselor cannot submit SAT and ACT official scores.

* Visit the Scholarship Center in the School Counseling Office to investigate scholarship offers.
* The majority of scholarships we receive are for seniors; however, on occasion we will receive scholarships for juniors.
* We will also list this information in the daily bulletin and on the announcements so be sure to read and listen closely.
* Remember - we receive information on a number of scholarships; however, there are many available that we do not receive.

Financial Aid
* We encourage you and your parents to attend the Financial Aid Workshop to be held at the high school during the month of October, to become familiar with the financial aid process.

Summer Before Senior Year
* Check out this list of the Top 10 Things Rising Seniors Can Do This Summer for some helpful information.

Military Bound Students
* Investigate your decision as to which branch of the military you plan to enlist with.
* Contact and form a relationship with a recruiter.
* You will need to work with your recruiter to complete items such as the ASVAB test.

Work Bound Students
Investigate your place of employment.
* Is there room for growth?
* Are you working to move up in the company, save for college or trade school, help support your family?
* Investigate what changes will take place if you continue to live at home, move out on your own, or other options.
* Be familiar with all expenses involved.

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Please do not hesitate to contact your counselor should questions arise as you prepare for your post high school plans.

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