Our department includes teachers that are highly qualified based on federal and state standards. Our department represents a variety of science backgrounds and experiences that enrich students' science education.

The NKHS science department is committed to helping students develop a life-long interest in science through a standards-based curriculum that includes investigation and experimentation. Another goal of the department is that students will become proficient readers of science text, able to interpret and apply course concepts to current scientific issues and studies. Finally, it is important to our department that students develop an undertstanding of how science impacts their daily lives.

Based on our department goals, we have developed curriculum to provide:

- hands-on experience conducting scientific experiments
- exposure to current supplementary science material
- strategies to increase comprehension of scientific texts
- instruction designed to relate to students' learning styles, interests, skills, and prior knowledge and experience

Tutoring Hours/Schedule:

Course Offerings:

9th- Environmental Science
10th- Biology
11th - Chemistry

Electives Offered

AP Environmental Science
AP Chemistry
DE Biology

Department members:

Suzanne McIninch (Chair)
Irene Bierie
Lynda Holloway
Bobbi Johnston
Leigh Anne Jordon
Lindsey Morris 
Emily Myrick
John Ricardo
David Haviland (Special Education Collaborator)
Patrick Heath (Special Education Collaborator)
Avemaria Miller (Special Education Collaborator)