Early College Academy

A Pathway to the Associate of Arts and Sciences Transfer Degree & Certificate

The New Kent Early College Academy allows New Kent High School students to pursue an Associates of Arts and Sciences Transfer degree or Uniformed Certificate of General Studies from Rappahannock Community College, while still enrolled in high school.  The program is designed for high school juniors and seniors who desire a more rigorous academic program and who are highly motivated to complete the requirements for both high school and RCC.  The Early College program is likely comprised of a combination of Advanced Placement and Dual-Enrollment courses, with some course flexibility for students.  NKHS strives to offer the associate degree pathway, requiring extremely careful planning of your high school course schedule to satisfy the 61 dual enrollment credits.  The certificate offering is roughly half of the associate degree credits.  

We are confident we can fully support the certificate.  We will do our best to accommodate those wishing to pursue the associate degree, but that is heavily reliant on course offerings.  Mrs. Stephens, the RCC High School Navigator, will always gladly work with a family to assess the student's status in fulfilling the remaining requirements outside of NKHS class time at the full RCC tuition rate at the cost of the family. The certificate level is tailored for each student, but does require many of the same classes as the associate offered at NKHS.  Successful completion of the program requires necessary course grades in dual enrollment courses and scores on AP Exams of 3 or higher, summer classes at RCC to complete necessary courses, and thoughtful and early course planning.

Because most of the required courses are taught at New Kent High School, students and families only have to pay for the cost of related Advanced Placement Exams and tuition of $15 per credit (subject to change) for dual-enrollment courses. Depending upon their program, schedule, and progress, students may also need to take courses in the evening at RCC and during each summer, to include following high school graduation. An RCC High School Navigator will assist the student with course selection.  

How Do I Qualify for Participation? 

ºMust be a current 10th grader to apply.  Submitting an "Intent to Apply" form in 9th does not substitute for an application for 10th.
*Must be on track with verified credits and the Advanced Diploma.  Attendance must also be excellent.
*Applicants must have an “A” average or better (min. 3.5 cumulative unweighted GPA). 
Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 at RCC and NKHS.
*Students must be in good course sequencing in math to successfully complete Trigonometry by no
later than junior year. (Pre-requisites: Alg. I, Geom., and Alg.II) Failure to be in DE sequence results
in formally not being part of ECA.
*Students must take World History II Honors in 10th in order to qualify for AP or DE US/VA History in 11th.
*Students are strongly encouraged to take as many rigorous classes (Honors) leading up to 11th grade.

*The Intent to Apply form should be submitted by each interested 9th grader, but does not substitute for the actual application required to be completed in the winter of 10th. The most current application will be posted by early Nov. of each year.

For general questions about the program, contact Peggy Spiak at [email protected]
Click Here for 9th grade "Intent" form (submit in Dec.)
Click Here for 10th "Application" (submit in Dec.)

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Agreement Letter-writable
SDV 100 Sample Syllabus
ITE 152 Sample Syllabus