Social Studies

The major mission of the Social Studies Department of NKHS is to expand the world, in which students live and develop. Students are encouraged to develop and appreciate their dignity and worth as individuals. Each student is seen as a citizen not only of a county, state, and country, but also the world that is rich in cultures, histories, and peoples. Students are asked to view past and present issues, both through their own eyes and the eyes of others, and determine the impact of these issues on their world. Students are encouraged to look at the future as their responsibility as citizens in a democratic nation working with other peoples.

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Tutoring Hours/Schedule:

Course Offerings:

Ninth Graders

World History I

Tenth Graders (electives)

World History II or Geography

Eleventh Graders

VA/US History or DE VA/US History (if the criteria is met)

Twelfth Graders

VA/US Government 


DE Psychology (11th and 12th graders, if criteria is met)

Department Members:

Kimberlee Brittingham (Chair) 
Josh Bell 
Michaela Borszich-Ribera
Matt Cardman 
Vincent Farulli
Michael Faus
Patrick Northrup
Ryan Parry 
Ashleigh Pierce
HopeLily VanDuyne 
John Corbin (Special Education Collaborator) 
John Goodbody (Special Education Collaborator)