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A Pathway to the Associate of Arts and Sciences Transfer Degree

The New Kent Early College Academy allows New Kent High School students to earn an Associates of Arts and Sciences Transfer degree from Rappahannock Community College while still enrolled in high school.  The program is designed for high school juniors and seniors who desire a more rigorous academic program and who are highly motivated to complete the requirements for both the high school Advanced Studies Diploma and the A.A.& S. Transfer Degree.  The Early College program includes a combination of Advanced Placement and Dual-Enrollment courses, with some course flexibility for students.  Successful completion of the program requires necessary course grades in dual enrollment courses and scores on AP Exams of 3 or higher, summer classes at RCC to complete necessary courses, minimum scores on the VPT or other assessment to enroll in dual enrollment classes at NKHS and RCC, and thoughtful early course planning.

The Associate of Arts and Sciences degree in General Studies is a structured program for those who wish to transfer to a four-year college or university.  The Early College curriculum includes a distribution of general education courses which are usually required in the first two years of many baccalaureate programs.  Students successfully completing all course requirements will be awarded the Associate of Arts and Sciences in General Studies from RCC.  Although earning an associate degree does not always guarantee junior status at a four-year college or university, Early College graduates may be prepared to enter as third-year students at many four-year colleges or universities. 

Early College students are strongly urged to acquaint themselves with the requirements of the college or university to which transfer is contemplated and to consult with an advisor at the four-year institution for further transfer assistance.  As explained on the RCC Transfer Page, admission policies and program requirements vary among four-year colleges.  Students need to be familiar with the specific requirements of their preferred colleges or universities.  Students should be aware that the transfer officer at the four-year college or university of their choice is the most important contact for discussing transferring.  You may or may not earn college credit for all the courses completed as a dual enrollment high schooler, depending upon the policies of your selected post-secondary institution.  Completion of the A.A. & S. degree with a minimum required GPA may also give students access to the Virginia Community College System’s Guaranteed Transfer Program to Virginia colleges and universities.  Because most of the required courses are taught at New Kent High School, students and families only have to pay for the cost of related Advanced Placement Exams and tuition of $15 per credit (subject to change) for dual-enrollment courses.  The current cost of the program for families, subject to change, is approximately $1300 for two years (61 credits-full associate’s) of college work. There are also summer classes to take that are required for all RCC students.  Depending upon their schedule and progress students may also need to take courses in the evening at RCC and during each summer, to include following high school graduation, at either the RCC New Kent Site or Glenns Campus.  An RCC advisor, Mr. Williams, will be assigned to the student in order to assist with course selection. 

**There is also a certificate level of the program that equals roughly half of the full associates. The RCC Navigator can tailor a pathway for each student.  Parents may reach out to Mrs. Spiak for those specifics.


How Do I Qualify?

Must be a current sophomore to apply. It is preferred that 9th submit this "Intent to Apply" form to School Counseling, but it is not required to apply in 10th.

Must be on track with verified credits and the Advanced Diploma. Attendance must also be excellent.

Able to pay for and participate fully in the SDV 100 (College Success Skills) and ITE 119 (Information Literacy) RCC classes hosted in the summer after 10th.Courses may be offered in virtual or hybrid format.

FOR FULL ASSOCIATE LEVEL: Math: Must be in position to take DE math by senior year. This means taking Trigonometry junior year, with a strongly-preferred B+ or better. Science: Typically be positioned to take DE Chem or DE Bio by junior year, requiring completion of Chemistry in sophomore year.

FOR CERTIFICATE LEVEL: Complete at least Algebra II (strong preference of a B+ or higher), Biology and preferably Chemistry by the end of 10th. (in addition to other standard 10th classes)

Students will be advised on pathways by RCC—each student’s pathway may vary slightly.

Students must also complete world language and consecutive elective requirements to earn an Advanced Diploma. It is recommended to finish these as soon as possible to free up schedule space. Economics & Personal Finance, also required for graduation, may be taken either junior or senior year.

Applicants should have an “A” average or better (min. 3.5 cumulative unweighted GPA). Students with a “B” average (3.0 unweighted GPA) will be considered. Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 at RCC and NKHS.

Qualify for DE college-credit classes, based on GPA requirements set forth by RCC. School Counseling will verify.

Upon admission, pay tuition and fees for the first summer’s classes to the bookkeeper by the deadline. You will be notified by Mrs. Spiak as to due dates for payment via a meeting around Spring Break and via Schoology messages. Students are expected to check Schoology for messages on a weekly basis, as this is an important part of their responsibilities as a student.

For general questions about the program, contact Peggy Spiak at [email protected]  

*The Intent to Apply form should be submitted by each interested 9th grader, but does not substitute for the actual application to be completed in the Fall of 10th. The most current application will be posted by late October of each year.

Click Here for 9th grade "Intent" form (submit in Dec.)
Click Here for 10th "Application" (submit in Dec.)

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Agreement Letter
SDV 100 Syllabus-keep for reference!
ITE 119 Syllabus-keep for reference!
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