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Parent Notification of Instructional Materials


Literature is a core component of every English class. Just as our students grow and mature, the situations and characters within the literature mature, and experience both adolescent and adult situations. Sometimes, characters find themselves in situations that are uncomfortable, or new. These books are not intended to glorify nor minimize some of life’s difficult and unfair situations, but instead give students the opportunity to learn from characters’ experiences. See NKCPS’ complete Policy IIA & IIAB regarding sexually explicit content for specific details. A full list of English program content falling under the definition provided in Va. Code § 2.2-2827 is linked here.  Please reach out to your student’s teacher if you have any questions or would like to discuss potential literary alternatives.

Independent Work Descriptions 

Independent Reading: Students are regularly engaged in self-selected independent reading of materials from a variety of sources. Teachers do not assign or intend to use specific titles for independent reading, rather students have the opportunity to select any book that genuinely interests them. Independent reading materials may come from a variety of sources including but not limited to library books, classroom library books, books from home, and public library books. Parents are encouraged to engage in conversation with their students about their ongoing selections. School staff will be available to discuss specific needs of the students and families related to independent reading. Teachers will notify parents of the independent reading requirements at the beginning of each new book selection timeframe. If a teacher provides a recommended book list or does a focused, narrowed book talk for independent reading, the teacher will provide notification of any sexually explicit content in accordance with Policy IIA and this regulation. 

Independent Research: Students may be required to conduct independent research. Students may utilize NKCPS or non-NKCPS managed resources. NKCPS does not monitor or maintain non-NKCPS resources. Parents will be notified of independent research requirements and available resources for independent research at the beginning of each year.


As a component of the Virginia Department of Education’s curriculum program, Family Life is taught to all students in New Kent County Public Schools. For a full list of the standards and items addressed in this program, please visit the VDOE’s Guidelines and Standards of Learning for Family Life. Components of family life will include materials that are sexual in nature and are addressed in New Kent County Public School’s Policy IIA & IIAB regarding sexually explicit content linked here.

Parents are allowed to opt their child out of family life. Please reach out to your child’s health and physical education teacher for details on this process. 


As a component of history education, well known pieces of art from the past are sometimes viewed, such as the Greek Statues. Any materials referenced that include nudity would fall under New Kent County Public School’s Policy IIA & IIAB . Teachers will notify parents and guardians of the usage of such materials in accordance with the policies and will work with families for alternatives at their request. 

DE Psychology, a college level history elective run under the guidance of Rappahannock Community College, is required to discuss puberty and development in humans. More information regarding this particular course will be provided to families who have students electing to participate in it, and the notation is linked here.
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