SAT & ACT Information

SAT & ACT Upcoming Dates & Information

The SAT and ACT are college admissions tests that are equally accepted at all colleges and universities. Students are encouraged to research which test fits their needs and preferences best, as there are scoring and content differences. Both the SAT and ACT tests are about $50 for all parts. Please go to for registering for the SAT. You can even search for great information on colleges and universities from the College Board site. The SAT is offered at New Kent High School in October, November, March and June. Visit the website for more testing locations.  Be advised that if you are planning on playing college level sports (Division I & II) and must register at the NCAA Eligibility Center that you also must send them official SAT and ACT scores.  Your counselor cannot do this for you.  You must request for those to be sent directly from the College Board and ACT website.  See you counselor with any questions.  

ACT Preparation Information

You can register for the ACT by going to The site contains practice information as well. NKHS is not a testing site for the ACT. Specific testing dates can be found on the website.

If you are looking for a great video link to prepare for the ACT, please click below.

SAT Preparation Information

The school sponsors an SAT prep class two times each year. The prep class is held once a week for six weeks. The first set of classes culminates in time for the November test session, and the second offering is either offered to end in time for the June test. The classes are advertised on the announcements and through instant alerts.. The cost of the SAT Prep Class is roughly $60 for six sessions. Spaces are limited and secured based on who submits payment first.

There is also great SAT prep for free online at Khan Academy.  They offer videos and practice problems that are exactly like what you will see on the SAT.