New Kent

High School

Engaging, Empowering, Educating

About Us
1. To provide an environment that promotes learning.
2. To help the student be prepared to cope with a swiftly changing world.
3. To provide individual instruction for each student to adequately meet his/her needs.
4. To provide a variety of instructional methods, materials, media and innovations to accommodate different modes of learning.
5. To encourage students to make good decisions and be responsible for their actions.
6. To provide students the opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and apply them in concrete situations.
7. To provide students with communication skills, both oral and written, that allow them to be successful in today's world.
8. To provide the opportunity for each student to become computer literate.
9. To help students develop positive attitudes toward their school and community.
10. To help students improve his/her self-image and work habits.
11. To awaken within the student a zest for life-long learning.
12. To provide the student with a foundation for post-secondary education.
13. To provide various courses and programs that will provide students with marketable skills after graduation.
14. To expose students to the library and all of its services so they will experience the library as a familiar resource that promotes learning.
15. To help the student recognize the rights and duties of a citizen in a democratic society.
16. To provide a student activities program to meet the aesthetic, recreational, social and emotional interests of students. 17. To make the facilities and services of New Kent High School available to the community for recreational, vocational, academic and cultural activities.
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