NKHS & NCAA Sports Eligibility

To be eligible all students must have earned a min. of three credits the previous semester. Students must be enrolled in no less than three credit-bearing semester long classes or two semester long and one year long class.
In addition, students must have either a cumulative gpa of at least a 1.7 OR have earned at least a 1.7 in the previous semester. Students are responsible for ensuring that they are carrying sufficient credits and are academically in good standing. Please see the Athletic Director for details.


In order to be considered for eligibility for collegiate athletics, students must register and have their status evaluated by the NCAA Clearinghouse.  Eligibility qualifications are detailed in the attached guide. Please note that registration requires an $80 fee, unless you qualify for a fee waiver. See your counselor regarding this. Once you register, the counselor will post your transcript for the NCAA to evaluate.  However, final evaluations are done by the end of senior year. 

NCAA uses a sliding scale for meeting SAT/ACT and gpa requirements.  The scales can also be found in the attached guide. It is your responsibility to ensure that you work with your counselor to take approved NCAA courses.  The Clearinghouse site outlines New Kent High School's approved classes toward meeting eligibility requirements.

NCAA Guide for the College Bound Athlete